Ardbeg Heavy Vapours

The Heavy Vapours plot captures the playful, yet inventive way the whisky was created. The storyline is meant as a sequel to the Planet Ardbeg adventures. And this whisky is the consequence. Heavy Vapours have risen, making this dram the most full blown Ardbeg ever.

TASTING NOTES Color: Pale Straw Aroma: Intense, pungent & aromatic, with a distinctive farmyard aroma, along with a crunchy aroma, like creosote or tarry rope. The smoke is all dominating, but has a slightly sweet edge to it. Taste: The mouthfeel is spicy and warming, with an initial burst of bittersweet flavours coal dust, cardamon, peppermint, eucalyptus, and more dark chocolate with some coffee grits. Finish: The aftertaste lingers long and bold with an ongoing, almost anaesthetising sensation

KEY INFORMATION ABV: 46% Liquid: Ardbeg wash distilled without the purifier & matured in classic Ardbeg casks Packaging: Naked bottle Available from: Mid-April 2023

Kategori: Islay