Ardbeg Perpetuum

Ardbeg Perpetuum was launched in 2015 to celebrate Ardbeg’s 200th anniversary. The whiskey contains what Bill Lumsden calls “very old as well as young whisky”. The age is not elaborated further, but we are told that the whiskey is aged in both bourbon casks and sherry casks. It is bottled at 47.4% alcohol, and no coloring has been added.

Colour: Deep amber.
Smell: Unmistakable “Ardbegisk”, with notes of tar, soot and resin. Also dark chocolate, syrup and foam sprinkles.
Tasting notes: An intense flavor juxtaposes peat smoke and spice with creamy vanilla. Then come nuances of milk chocolate, followed by a long aftertaste that exudes linseed, sherry casks, soot and tar.

Serving suggestions: Should be enjoyed neat, possibly with a few drops of water.

Kategori: Islay