Gin BleuRoyal

Beautiful instagramable gin that naturally turns pink or violet with tonic

BleuRoyal is a small batch London Dry Gin produced in Montreal, Quebec. The unique aspect of BleuRoyal Gin is found in its classic aromatic base paired with wildflowers from Quebec. The innovation of this Gin lies on its 100% natural colour. Add a hint of lemon or tonic and notice an instant magical. Watch as BleuRoyal transforms right in front of your eyes into a delicious pink to violet cocktail.


To fully appreciate its bouquet, it is preferable to drink the BleuRoyal Gin plain or on ice. However, it remains a must for cocktails either as a Gin & Tonic, Negroni or Martini.


First Gin with a 100% natural coloration and antioxi- dants. The Gin color changes depending on the pH of the tonic you add with from pink to violet.


Juniper, cardamom, coriander, cubeb pepper, citrus peel, iris, lavender, chamomile and the butterfly pea flower.

Type of production

Produced in Small Batch Craftmanship, BleuRoyal Gin carries out a first maceration of the botanicals in the tank which is then sent to be distilled in the alembic « pot stil ». It undergoes a second maceration of the wildflowers including the butterfly pea flower to obtain its blueish intense color and its antioxidants.


<1.0 g/l


45% alc./vol.

Messepris: 495,- kr

Kategori: Middelhavs - citrus & floral