Opus Groupe

Opus Groupe is a boutique company searching for premium spirits with a twist.

The Gin BleuRoyal is a natural deep blue colored gin that turns into pink or Violet when you add tonic. (Ritz Paris)

The Gin BleuRoyal as also a new flavor made with peach.

Jardin Verde is a low alcool gin with cucumber infusion and silver glitters in the glam version.

Mezcal Devocion is a great artisanal smoky Mezcal made traditionally. (Grande Epicerie Paris, Hotel Metropole Monaco)

Vodka Aupale is made with the purest glacier water of Canada, Corn and distilled 7 times.

Ratafia Exclusive is made with the same grappes as in the Champagne with some marc of Champagne. With tonic and a zest of orange it creates a glamour Spritz.