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SAVIO srl, a company from the Aosta Valley, located in Chatillon and founded in 1958 by Paolino Savio, has always been involved in the commercialization of liqueurs, sugar and coffee. Thanks to a consolidated organization and a 7,000 square meter warehouse, the company has been able to face the continuous challenges of the market (both on-trade and off-trade) and satisfy the needs of its countless customers. Over the years, Savio srl has also been entrusted with the exclusive distribution of some brands for both the Italian and international markets, managing to bring them to prestigious positions.

More than 30 years ago, Paolino was joined by his son Marco, who is now the CEO of the company itself. Thanks to his incisiveness, he has contributed to the development of new products and brands, from Génépy to Vodka to Rum.

Among the Rums, the Savio brands called Ron Malteco and Rum Malecon are particularly successful. Produced in Panama in an artisanal way and bottled in Chatillon. The first with a more rounded taste for those who wish to approach rum; the second drier and more structured for connoisseurs, it can also be aged for over 30 years.

Recently, new brands have also been added, such as Ron La Cruz and Rum Contadora which are easy to understand by a large public thanks to their smooth taste.

While, launched in 2019, just before the outbreak of the pandemic, the new brand The Demon’s Share, with its decidedly more intriguing taste and playful design, is making a splash in all international markets.